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About Potion CBD

Our mission at Potion is to make every person that experiences our goodies a better, healthier and happier person. To do this, weโ€™ve curated special CBD Hemp infused products and combine them with unforgettable experiences.

At Potion, we believe that communities thrive when neighbors support each other. We focus on teaming up with local New York vendors and brands to bring all the benefits that CBD has to offer to an underserved market.


Batch No.1: Gummies


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Discover CBD

Cannabidiol โ€”the second-most abundant cannabinoid in the cannabis plant after THC โ€” is also found in the hemp plant and is known to have soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. Itโ€™s also non-psychoactive, so you wonโ€™t get that โ€œstonedโ€ feeling.

Some effects of CBD hemp may include: Body Resting, Relaxation, Mood Uplifting, Promotes Mind/Body Balance.


Potion x Chow

Find Potion products in Chow Pods located around NYC.

Chow Pods are beautiful, AI-powered vending machines that dispense healthy and trending products. Potion treats will be sold in the machines through an exclusive collaboration.

The first Chow Pod will be located at Canal Street Market .

Click here for more information on Chow!