What is CBD?

CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp and cannabis plants. CBD can be found in the stalks, stems, flowers, and leaves of the plant. It is a non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant. Because CBD delivers the benefits of medical cannabis without the high, it is increasingly being used to treat or supplement treatment of a variety of conditions. CBD is actually very similar to a naturally-occurring compound in our body's Endocannabinoid system (literally named “cannabinoid from within”). The endocannabinoids which are produced here can be located throughout our central nervous system and are responsible for controlling many processes such as sleep, digestion, mood, immune function, motor function, memory, and pain.



What are the benefits of CBD?

The benefits of CBD can range from its anti-inflammatory properties that can assist with body relaxation, to its anti-anxiety properties that can assist with stress and anxiety. We generally find that most of our customers are purchasing or trying CBD for pain, stress, and general relaxation. The growing interest in CBD is also beneficial for the movement of cannabis legalization, where people are learning more of the medicinal benefits of both the hemp and cannabis plants.



What's the difference between CBD edibles versus CBD oil?

With CBD oils, it is recommended that it is ingested sublingually, which means using the dropper and ingesting 1-3 droplets under the tongue. Onset with oils is generally felt after 15 minutes and can last up to 2 hours. CBD oils may also be considered a more natural solution because it goes through less processing. With oils, it is normally extracted from the entire plant. With CBD edibles, onset can take longer (30-40 minutes) with the effects lasting longer up to 4 hours. When edibles are made, it is usually infused with CBD that is extracted from the oil. However, with a high quality extraction process, other chemicals and natural byproducts are filtered out, resulting in a purer form of CBD as an ingredient.



How do I know how much CBD to take?

With CBD oils, it is recommended that it is ingested sublingually, which means using the dropper and ingesting 1-3 droplets under the tongue. Onset with oils is generally felt after 15 minutes, and can last up to 2 hours.

With our CBD Gummies, onset can take longer (30-40 minutes) with the effects lasting longer up to 4 hours.

Because CBD affects everyone differently, we recommend that you experiment with different dosages and products that best fit you. It is also recommended to consult with a doctor if you are using CBD for a specific medical reason.



How is CBD different than THC?

CBD is prominently found in the hemp plant and is known to have soothing, anti-inflammatory properties that target cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. We all have Endocannabinoid systems within our bodies, which is known for regulating our body’s equilibrium, mood, and physiological state.

THC is the cannabinoid best known for providing a “high” feeling. However CBD does not produce this high because it is non-psychoactive and can actually reduce the psychoactive effects of THC. CBD relieves anxiety that can sometimes result from consuming THC, affecting one’s mental and physical states differently.



What should I expect after consuming CBD?

One should expect that CBD could help with a general sensation of mood uplifting and relaxation. Because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties, the effects can be similar to the feeling after getting out of a warm bath or a post-exercise session. In higher doses, CBD can help with insomnia by putting the body in a relaxed state that would assist in getting a more restful night’s sleep.



Can you expect to feel drowsiness after taking CBD?

Yes, you may feel drowsiness due to a heightened sense of relaxation. If you're unable to sleep because of stress, anxiety, pain, or inflammation-related issues, alleviating these symptoms can provide you with more restful sleep.



How soon can I expect to begin to feel the CBD's effects and for how long?

Depending on your body’s chemistry, onset effects begin 30-90 minutes after ingestion and can last for four hours or more. What is the proper dosage for a CBD beginner versus someone who’s maybe more experienced with cannabis?

With most substances, individuals with higher body mass will require more to experience the maximum effects. A general rule of thumb is to tale 1-6mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. A 20mg-33mg serving would be best for someone who weighs 150 pounds. Because CBD affects every individual differently, we recommend starting off with a lower dosage and experimenting with different products to find the right fit. When starting small and experimenting, one can gradually increase his or her intake based on their needs. For someone who has experienced the effects of cannabis, they can start off with relatively higher doses because they have actually experienced the effects of CBD. Cannabis strains normally have higher levels of THC, but also contain CBD.


Research shows that CBD has the potential to relieve:
  • day-to-day stress and anxiety
  • general aches and pains
  • chronic pain, particularly if it’s associated with inflammation
  • pain from auto-immune conditions such as fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel disease, and arthritis
  • improved sleep
  • mild depression
  • nausea and lack of appetite
  • blood glucose control
  • acne


What are the different kinds of CBD?

CBD comes in many different forms, the most popular being isolate, full spectrum, and broad spectrum. CBD can be ingested in many different ways, mainly through oils, edibles, wax, creams, or e-liquids. People should do their research and ask questions regarding where the CBD is sourced, quality of the distillation process, where the cultivation and processing of the hemp are done, and any further information. We don’t necessarily believe there are any bad forms of CBD, however, it is important to note that there are many products that only contain hemp seed oil which does not actually contain CBD. This is because CBD is mostly found in the stalks, stems, leaves, and flowers of the plant, and not from the seeds.



What should I look for with CBD processes?

CBD can be extracted from either the cannabis or hemp plant. It is important to note that CBD extracted from industrial hemp is what is federally legal, whereas CBD extracted from the cannabis plant is only legal in states that have legalized the sale of recreational cannabis. CBD that is extracted from hemp plants contains low amounts of THC with strains being cultivated for this reason. Oil extraction is the most popular way of getting oil from any herb. It involves using alcohol to separate and collect the active compounds. The solvent takes the cannabinoids out of the plant and the liquid is evaporated which leaves the chemical compound in the oil form. The extract is then blended with a carrier oil such as hemp seed or olive oil to form a product that is more practical for use.

Most producers use Carbon Dioxide as a solvent to extract the CBD oil, but this involves high-specialized and expensive equipment. In this case, pressure and heat are used to put the CO2 through liquid, solid, and gas matter. This takes place with three chambers, one to pressurize with dry ice, one that holds the plant, and the last used to separate the CBD from the plant. The machine basically helps to push the CO2 into a state that is somewhat liquid so that it can move through the plant and extract the CBD. Then this CO2 mixture is sent to the third chamber where it is heated and turned into gas. The pure form of oil is what remains. There are many other ways to extract CBD from the plant however these are the most common methods. Reliable brands have finished products tested for CBD content. Potion’s CBD is extracted via CO2 and Ethanol.


How your products are different from the bodega CBD people may see around town?

Most of the products that are found in bodegas or smoke shops contain only hemp seed oil without any mention of CBD or cannabidiol in the ingredient list at all. What most of these oils and edibles contain are extracts of the hemp seed. CBD oil can be made from either the hemp or cannabis plant, but only through the stem, leaves, stalks, or flower of the plant. These are the parts of the plant where CBD can actually be found. Additionally, many of the products that you would find in bodegas mislabel their packages with inaccurate CBD doses, no information about the brand itself, or any type of third-party lab results.

We love that our products are one of the best-tasting gummies on the market according to our customers and feedback. We are also priced competitively for the amount of CBD that each gummy contains. On top of all of this, we are proud that our products work well for people as one of the biggest issues that people have with CBD products is the ineffectiveness of low doses. Combined with these three factors, we believe that this is why our customers love our products and brand.


Why is quality CBD so expensive? What’s a “good price” in your opinion that denotes good CBD quality and effectiveness?

Every company has its own discretions regarding how they price their products, and we don’t believe that prices necessarily denote quality. Before we started Potion, we noticed that many brands would sell CBD products that have relatively low CBD dosage compared to its price.

Our mission is to provide natural and accessible CBD products that are effective and affordable.

Products infused with the isolate compound of CBD are usually the cheapest. This basically means that the products are isolated with just the CBD compound. The preferred option is full spectrum CBD, which includes the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes that work together to maximize effects, known as the entourage effect. However, because full spectrum CBD also includes the cannabinoid THC, this makes it less accessible to people who are concerned with the compound showing up on a drug test. Broad spectrum CBD is the alternative, that contains the same spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids without the THC. Because CBD is still relatively new to the general public, we wanted to create a product that would be familiar and less scary to new users.

That’s why we created Potion’s five original CBD gummies that are topically infused with CBD isolate. We wanted to offer edibles that reminded people of their favorite childhood gummies and not have them worry about it containing any THC. Because CBD isolate is more affordable, we decided to offer higher doses because we really wanted people to feel its therapeutic benefits. After speaking with our customers at local markets, we decided to launch a vegan, organic, and full spectrum CBD gummy that also contains Vitamin C. This product became available when learning that people who wanted to take our edibles frequently wanted a healthier option, with smaller doses of full spectrum CBD.


Why have I been seeing CBD everywhere?

We'd like to highlight an important testament on why we believe CBD has gained mainstream attention. A girl named Charlotte Figi that was born with a disease called Dravet Syndrome, a very rare form of epilepsy. As she got older, her seizures increased in frequency and severity as she was suffering from up to 300 seizures a week. Her doctors told her that was not much more that could be done. Charlotte’s grandfather read about success stories from other parents that were using cannabis to help treat their children. With nothing left to try, Charlotte’s family treated her with a hybrid strain of medical marijuana that contained low THC and high CBD content. Charlotte went from seizing 300 times a week to having no seizures that entire first week. This strain worked so well on stopping her debilitating seizures that the creators decided to change the name in her honor, naming it “Charlotte’s Web”. Soon after, the strain was administered to other children with similar syndromes and resulted in great success. Their stories became international news and parents began wanting to learn more about whether this would be a viable form of therapy for their kids. We’ve recently launched our pre-roll flower in honor of her, called Charlotte’s Web.

We started Potion not only to sell products but to encourage community building and creative ideas between young people in New York. Growing up in NYC, we’ve all developed our own set of unique skills and we are proud to bring these skills together to create a movement for our generation. This is why in the coming weeks, we will be hosting events that feature all types of creatives to showcase their work and to have our products be complements to the experience. We’d also like to highlight that as the industry grows and states begin to legalize the sale of cannabis, people should still be aware that there are still people that are sitting in prison for the same exact thing. That’s why we will begin to donate a portion of sales to organizations responsible for bringing justice to those who bore the burdens of previous cannabis laws.


What is the future of CBD in New York?

Below is an excerpt from Mayor DeBlasio’s view on cannabis legalization in New York that we support:

In a letter accompanying the 70-plus page report released Wednesday, de Blasio wrote, "We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to get a historic issue right for future New Yorkers. Legal cannabis is coming to New York State. When it does, we must do all we can to make sure that happens in a way that is safe, takes the health of New York City residents into account, and above all, provides opportunity while righting historic wrongs."

De Blasio additionally wrote, "We’ve seen these kinds of new industries spring up before. Legalization can follow two routes. In one, corporate Cannabis rushes in and seizes a big, new market, driven by a single motive: greed. In another, New Yorkers build their own local cannabis industry, led by small businesses and organized to benefit our whole diverse community."

"Tragically, we know what happens when corporations run the show," he said, citing the harm wrought by the pharmaceutical, tobacco and oil industries.

During Thursday's press conference, de Blasio said the city must do something to "avert all the disasters" of big pharma.

"We know the laws to date have caused many people to suffer and often the suffering has been profoundly unequal," citing that communities of color and low-income areas have received "the brunt of the so-called war on drugs," de Blasio. "If we know that the laws of the past were written in an unequal and unfair way, we should beware that it doesn't happen again."